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Please bear with us as Knight City undergoes a major overhaul from 'gritty, urban fantasy' to four-colour superhero setting.


Welcome to Knight City ...






There are three truisms about Knight City that everyone knows: It rains more than it should in Knight City and sometimes people disappear into the shadows ... but at least things are better than they used to be!


Since the construction of the Channel Tunnel in the 1950s, an increase in technology-based industry in a city situated on the rail lifeline from Europe saw exponential growth in Knight City - but law and order lagged behind, until the appointment of Peter Salmonson as mayor.


Technology is God for the people of Knight City, living in the 24-hour shadow of bright, techno-Gothic towers that pierce the clouds and shower the streets with almost continual rain. Technology has advanced at an alarming rate in the last century with corporations like LICC and LAW at the forefront.


The city has developed a shallow obsession with wealth and technology - the welfare of the common man had fallen by the wayside; the police had become lax and corrupt, streets were rarely cleaned, property values dropped through the floor and the dark alleyways of the city became the haunts of muggers and killers.


Peter Salmonson is trying to change this, but in a city where machines appear more important than people, crime levels are still high, poverty is common-place and apathy is the order of the day. Inhabitants of the Sonic City want an easy life: they don't want to get involved, times are dangerous enough without worrying about other peoples' problems.




Take The Tour


Use the Map to explore Knight City and its various districts and places of interest; each district has a 'clickable' table of contents that will take you to more information about a particular location. Or use the sidebar to take you to other fact-filled pages.


The revitalised Knight City is home to:



  • Millionaire businessmen like Nick Law, Sean Gentry and Max Masters



  • Flotex Films


  • Pogle Rovers FC


  • Knight City Capes baseball team


  • The oldest cricket club in the UK


  • Mysterious standing stones







Let's Get Ready To Rumble


Treat this Wiki as a 'background guide' to a television series. Once you have explored the rain-soaked streets of Knight City for a while, it might be time to think about how you would - if you were a character on this make-believe show - interact with the people presented here and 'things' hinted at ... it's time to role-play!



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Map: A guide to Knight City.


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